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The company auric barrels ltd. is a German-Croatian partnership located in Croatia, in the heart of more than 15.000 hectares of privately owned natural Slavonian oak forest. All our forest is FSC certified.


The company Auric Barrels ltd. is a part of the Auric Oak Group. Our understanding of sustainability inspires us to work with our material very conscientiously. Even before founding the company in 2016, we started the production of the first elements for the barrels. Our staves age up to 36 months. Since 2015 our main focus has been the production of a stock with the supreme quality of materials. In the last several years we have had a consistent supply of a sufficient amount of elements, which allows us to be a trustworthy partner for our clients from the first day of production. Having recently started with the barrel production, we can proudly say that we are the only barrel producer who is able to deliver barrels ranging from 50 liters of volume to 1.000 liters of volume, all in one production line. Apart from these, we offer barrels of up to 10.000 liters. The production line and the exceptional traits of our material result in the highest technical quality of barrels.


Being a new company on the market, we are aware that we need to work on gaining trust from our future clients. We have therefore recruited some of the leading barrel craftsmen from Croatia to be a part of our team.
We are committed to working towards becoming one of the best barrel producers in Europe. For us, being the best means not only having the highest quality of barrels, but also providing the best service for our clients.




 We can offer you: barrique barrels – made of oak, acacia, cherry, chestnut, ash



Four quality grades:

  • Standard staves air-dried for 24 months, 3-5 grains/cm
  • Excellencestaves air-dried for 24 months , 5-7 grains/cm
  • Premiumstaves air-dried for 24 months, 7< grains/cm
  • Premium+staves air-dried for 36 months, 7< grains/cm


Each quality grade can be:

  • LT – light toasted
  • MT – medium toasted
  • MT+ – medium toasted, head toasted
  • HT – hard toasted





225l 228l 300l 500l 1000l
Height (mm) 950 870 1000 1100 1250
diameter – heading (mm) 575 605 645 785 1055
diameter – bilge (mm) 690 720 770 950 1250
thickness – staves (mm) 25/27 25/27 25/27 25/27 50
metal hoops (pcs) 6 6 6 6 8